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Are You an Absentee Homeowner?

February 1, 2021

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If you own a home, but you don’t live in it full time, you are an absentee homeowner. You may have a vacation home that you visit only several times a year, or you might spend a good part of your year traveling, leaving your home empty for months at a time. As an absentee homeowner, you are an excellent candidate for a Home Watch Service.

You never want your home sitting—or looking—empty for any period of time. Any number of things could happen to it! HVAC systems can break down,plumbing can leak, weather can cause damage, or heaven forbid, your home could be burglarized or vandalized. None of these situations are something you want to come home to.

Criminals and other unsavory characters often look for homes that appear empty. Unoccupied homes are prime targets for vandalism or mischief. But there is a simple solution: Home Watch.

Northern Virginia has Many Absentee Homeowners

Here in the Northern Virginia region, with its government offices, military posts and sports teams, many people are away, often for months at a time. Others are snowbirds, opting for the warmer climates during the frigid months. Still more live in other states or countries, and maintain a base here, near their work or family, or have inherited a property where no one currently lives. Because of these situations, there are many absentee homeowners here, and homes that need looking after.

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Absentee Homeowners Have Options with Golden Rule Home Watch

No two Home Watch clients are the same, so neither are the services we provide for each client. At Golden Rule Home Watch, we have a standard checklist we go through on each and every visit, looking for changes like a leak, temperature fluctuation, or an open window.

Plus, we give you options. We let you decide how often we visit your home and set a schedule based upon your preferences. You can choose the specific services or concierge service options that are right for you. Do you need your car or cars looked after? Do you have a pool or water feature that needs tending? Do you want your lawn mowed and bushes trimmed? We can either perform some of these tasks on your behalf, or arrange for and monitor service providers. Any home needs constant monitoring and maintenance to run smoothly, and we’re here to provide those services for our absentee homeowners. Just talk to us about what you need.

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Absentee Landlords Need Home Watch Too

Perhaps you have a rental property, yet you’re not around to watch over it, especially when you’re between tenants. This is also an excellent time to consider using a professional Home Watch service. You’ve put too much into your investment to have something happen that could create huge repair bills. For a fraction of that cost, you’ll have peace of mind with Home Watch.

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