Attention Rental Owners and Commercial Realtors in Northern Va!

We have designed a suite of proactive property watch offerings for rental owners and property managers in Northern Va.    Golden Rule is your property watch and monitoring service partner.

Combining the Best of Technology, Trained People and Timely Reporting.

  • Technology that monitors temperature, humidity and detects moisture/water.
  • Trained people who visit the property regularly to do a thorough, top,  down, interior and exterior inspection.  Nothing replaces human eyes and ears!
  • Finally, a team member provides a time, date and Geo-location stamped report with photos and comments after every site visit.

With our services, owners and commercial realtors in Northern Va. will know about problems quickly.

In Summary:

  • Problems can be identified quickly.
  • Issues don’t become costly disasters.
  • You are always in the know.

Clients Include:

  • Banks and lending institutions that carry inventories of vacant properties.
    • Golden Rule will visit the property regularly and provide immediate status.
  • Realtors listing vacant homes and properties
    • Any problem is detected quickly.  As a results, delays in the sales of those listings are reduced or eliminated.
  • Corporate and Temporary Housing Companies
    • We will wait and oversee cable/internet installation, appliance delivery, vendors, contractors.
    • Apartment/property walk through, lock box installation.  We look at all of the details for you.
  • Property owners of short term rental properties (e.g., VRBO, Airbnb)
    • We make sure that the property is up to the owner’s expectations.  Additionally, guests are pleased and your reputation is enhanced!
    • Our trained staff ensures that the desired amenities are present and accounted for in your units.

The Golden Rule Difference Provides:

  • Pro-activity – Golden Rule’s Hi-Tech Hi-Touch System helps protect property investments.  Problems cost less to fix when they are found quickly.
  • Peace of Mind – Your clients will trust you more knowing that their properties are being monitored regularly.
  • Time Savings – We will do the waiting and will also focus on the property details.  You can focus on building your business.

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Pricing for professional Golden Rule Commercial Property Watch Services depends on the size of your property, the number of water zones (bathrooms, kitchens, etc.), any unique features requiring special attention, and the type and number of sensors needed for monitoring.

Concierge services are based on an hourly rate and the type of service being performed. Prices are established during a no-fee consultation so that you can clearly understand the services that you will receive.