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Did Ya Know? Some of The Most Common Home Insurance Claims

June 7, 2018


The top homeowners insurance claims are:

1. Exterior wind damage – 25 percent of all losses.
2. Non-weather-related water damage (e.g., plumbing or appliance issues) – 19 percent.
3. Hail – 15 percent.
4. Weather-related water damage (e.g., rain, melting ice, snow) – 11 percent.
5. Theft – 6 percent.

Have you ever experienced any of these problems or know someone who has?

Sooner or later, every home has a structural problem or a system failure.  Just imagine if something happens when the homeowner is out of town or away for an extended period and the problem is not detected for days or weeks

Having a home watch service will help.

Value of Home Watch For Absentee Home Owners

Golden Rule Home Watch cannot prevent hail storms or a wind storm that blows off shingles, but we can keep a constant watch on your home for damage, plumbing leaks and damage from rain or break in.

Example:  A storm with very strong wind and rain comes through your neighborhood when you are away.  The wind blows off several shingles allowing the accompanying rain to soak the roof and ceiling below.  Before long the water makes its way down the walls, destroying drywall, carpeting, hardwood floors and of course belongings.  Since no one was checking then you come home to a water soaked , moldy mess.

Value of Home Watch For Homes On-The-Market

Empty houses are vulnerable houses, especially if no one is around to check on them regularly.  If a major issue happens and it is not detected for several days then the house cannot be sold until an expensive and time consuming remediation is completed.  Imagine not being able to sell  your house because of the damage caused by a slow water leak in the upstairs bathroom that destroyed the ceiling, carpet and hardwood floors on the floors below.

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