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Do You Own a Single Family Home, Town House or Condo?

May 23, 2018

5-23-18 you travel for work or pleasure? Moving abroad for work? Are you a seasonal resident (snowbird)? Planning a vacation in 2018?  You need Home Watch!

Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge was created to watch homes for their owners who are away - for a week or for years. A problem with the home that occurs when the owner is away can be especially costly to repair. Imagine the mess after the water has been leaking for 2 weeks and no one knows about it....yikes!!

When we watch (and monitor) a home, our team visits the home on a regular, scheduled basis (weekly or bi-weekly) and checks the exterior and interior making sure that there are no problems.

Example Checks:

• Driveway is clear of debris (fallen tree branches, blowing trash, parked cars that should not be there)
• All doors and windows are secure and show no signs of damage
• Check for signs of vandalism
• Check for signs of pests (insects/rodents)
• Visual check of gutters from ground (leaves, ice, plants growing)
• Pick up flyers, newspapers
• Make sure snow removal done (if/when contractor hired to do so)
• Make sure pool, hot tub covers are intact

• Validate that water main is off (always recommended)
• Check breaker panel for flipped breakers
• Visually check ceilings, windows, baseboard in all rooms for any signs of water or other damage
• Make sure that all doors and windows are secure and locked
• Check temp in refrigerator and freezer (install freezer meter to make sure no thaw and refreeze)
• HVAC system operation (via thermostat settings and verification of actual temp in home via meter)
• Adjust blinds and light timers as requested for lived in look
• Look for any signs of insects/pest infestation (pests move in to vacant properties quickly)
• Water plants
• Check every toilet, sink, tub (water zone)

After each home visit, the homeowner promptly receives a time and GPS stamped e-report.

We also use Technology for Home Watch!

Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge also places small wireless environmental sensors in the homes that we watch to monitor 24/7 for changes in temperature, humidity and for the detection of water leaks. Our team is alerted of any change that may indicate a failing furnace in winter, failed AC in summer or a water leak from a storm. We then notify the homeowner immediately and go to the home to address any problem.

Hi-Tech Hi-Touch Home Watch----Trained people and technology that never sleeps!

We will get your home ready for you when you come back too!

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