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Golden Rule Key Holder Services – Our Newest Offering!

June 18, 2018


As a homeowner it can be stressful trusting someone with the keys to your home!

You may not feel comfortable with a neighbor or relative having complete access to your home and belongings.  Also, that neighbor, friend or relative may be away, sick or just unavailable when access to your home is needed and neither of you are available.   You can trust Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge to provide you with professional key holder services.

Golden Rule team members are all background checked, bonded and insured.   You can leave your keys with us and be 100% confident that they are secured, safe and locked up.

The Golden Rule Team will:

  •  Meet contractors or service providers at your home, grant them access for their work and then lock up when the work is finished
  •  Accept important deliveries to your home in your absence
  •  Meet renters or friends at your home to begin or end their stay
  •  Be an important point of contact with 24/7 response to security alarms at your home
  •  Per Your instructions,  prepare your home for your return from being way (cleaning, food shopping & stocking fees apply)

Golden Rule’s Key holder Service is a safe, secure and very affordable way to have your key available when you aren’t!  Since our team is also car savvy, we can have your automobile detailed, serviced and ready for the road

How it works

You provide Golden Rule with copy of your key and we hold that key securely.  If you are away or need to provide access to your home/property when you are not around then we meet them at the property, provide access per your instructions, lock up when activities concluded and we return the key to our secure location.

Want more information on Key Holder Services? Questions are always welcome and our initial consultation has no fee and no obligation.

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