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Choose the Right Home Watch Package

June 23, 2020

Silver, gold & platinum pacakges for home watch services, Golden Rule Home Watch

Not every homeowner needs the same level of services when engaging their home watch service. That’s why we at Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge have developed three convenient home watch packages for you to choose from: Platinum, Gold and Silver. We can provide the simple service of holding a key to your home, watch over your home, or help protect your home and auto while you’re away. Which home watch package is right for you?

Gold Level: Home Watch

Home Watch is our best-selling package designed to protect your home while you’re not there. In addition to these services, talk to us about any custom or concierge services we can provide. Our Home Watch package includes:

  • Our exclusive “40-point” interior and exterior assessment
  • Detailed per-visit digital reporting via our e-checklist, custom designed for your home and sent directly to you following each home visit
  • Comprehensive walk-through of every room and property to assess conditions.
  • Assessment, monitoring and adjustment of the environment conditions within your home (temperature, humidity, HVAC, plumbing, etc.)
  • Thorough home systems checks. Home systems service as needed (turn on/off, flush systems)
  • Air filter changes*
  • Smoke alarm monitoring, testing and battery changes*
  • Post-storm assessment (wind, rain or snow damage reporting and remediation)
  • Arrangement for and management of contractors, landscapers, home inspector, permit inspectors, county engineering teams, etc., as needed
  • Secure key-holding
  • Meeting and granting access to approved visitors/family members
  • Care for houseplants and exterior landscaping
  • Package management; accepting deliveries while you are out of town
  • Mail sorting and scanning or forwarding US Mail as requested

* Costs of batteries, filters, etc. not included.

Platinum Level: Home & Auto Watch

Our Home & Auto Watch Package is our all-inclusive package, offering the most services to protect your home and vehicles. And we’re glad to add custom services if needed.

  • Includes all Gold Level Services in the Home Watch package

In addition, the Platinum Level package includes Auto Watch services:

  • Smart battery tender on vehicles to maintain battery life
  • Car starts to protect battery
  • Auto tire pressure checks
  • Auto fluid level checks
  • Scheduling and management of car washing/detailing with your preferred provider.* We can also recommend an excellent provider.
  • Scheduling and managing regular vehicle appointments for service and preventive maintenance

* Costs of detailing, maintenance etc. not included.

Silver Level: Key Holder Program

Sometimes you just need to have the security of knowing there is someone you can call to access your home while you’re away. Our Silver Key Holder package allows us to securely keep a copy of the keys to your home and vehicles. This way we can provide the following services:

  • Provide as-needed-only access for police or fire professionals
  • Meet family members or visitors to grant approved access to the home
  • Post-storm assessment to check for damage following a storm

Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge packages

When Do I Need a Home Watch Package?

Whenever you are away from home for an extended period of time—no matter what the reason—you should engage a home watch service. You never know what might go wrong inside your home. A pipe might burst, your heating system may fail, or a storm might drop a branch on your house. If nobody is there to catch the problem, the damage to your home will be much worse. Plus, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that your home is safe and cared for. With our 40-point assessment delivered to you after each visit, you’ll see exactly what we find—or don’t find.

Plan to use a home watch service when you are:

  • On vacation
  • On assignment
  • On long-term travel
  • Spending time between multiple homes
  • Away from home due to illness or emergency
  • Caring for a home that is part of a family estate

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Golden Rule Cares for Your Home When You Can’t

Talk to us about our various home and auto watch packages, or design a home watch package that’s just right for you. After all, every home is unique. If you’re in Northern Virginia, contact Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge today.

Golden Rule Home Watch is licensed, bonded, insured and background-checked.