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What is a CarWatch Service?

March 21, 2023


When you travel and do not take your car with you, your vehicle sits at home alone. If you are gone for an extended period, leaving your car unattended can be detrimental to your its health and longevity. That’s where a CarWatch service comes into play.

What is a CarWatch Service?

A CarWatch service is generally provided by a Home Watch company and functions in a similar way as the Home Watch. You contract with the professional service for home visits where the CarWatch professional reviews your vehicle or vehicles using a checklist of items pertinent to car care. You then receive a report of the visit, including any unusual findings.

In our area in Northern Virginia, many people also own luxury, exotic, or classic cars that should be maintained regularly, and have jobs or assignments that can take them away from home for long periods of time. As car fanatics, we know about all types of cars and their particular needs and can watch over your car or collection of vehicles for you.

Why Would I Need CarWatch?

Battery Care

Without operating your car on a regular basis, the vehicle’s battery can drain—even if it is disconnected. We recommend the use of a battery tender that will maintain the charge without over-charging it and presenting the risk of fire. We can also start and run your vehicles on a regular basis to ensure that your batteries remain charged.

Fuel & Oil Systems

Filling the gas tank and adding a fuel stabilizer helps prevent condensation from forming within your vehicle’s fuel system. After adding the stabilizer, it is best to run the engine for about 10-15 minute to enable the fuel and additive to mix. Getting an oil change is also recommended in order to remove contaminants and prepare your car for long-term storage. We’ll also check and maintain your vehicle’s fluid levels.


When a vehicle remains idle for an extended period, flat spots can form on the tires. Keeping tires inflated properly, and changing the car’s position regularly will extend the life of its tires.

Car Covers

For cars that remain outside a garage or storage area, some homeowners rely on car covers. However, car covers can blow off or become damaged in a storm, insects and animals can get in underneath and damage the car, or condensation and dirt can accumulate beneath the cover. Having a CarWatch professional check above and below your car covers will protect your vehicles long-term.

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Golden Rule’s Car Concierge Services

In addition to our regular CarWatch services, we can provide individual concierge services that help make your life easier. Let us know what you need. These can include services for:

  • Regular maintenance, like oil changes
  • Washing and detailing vehicles
  • Obtaining inspections
  • Repairs
  • Preparing your vehicles for your return

Trust Golden Rule CarWatch

Choose our CarWatch service alone, or better yet, combine it with our Home Watch service. That way you can travel with total peace of mind that your home and vehicles are taken care of while you’re away.

Our professionals at Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge are bonded, insured and background checked for your security. And did we mention that we’re also aficionados of exotic and luxury cars? Contact us today to talk about Home Watch and CarWatch services at 855-928-2424. Serving home and business owners in Northern Virginia.