We watch your home when you are away.

Experienced professionals making in person observations aided by technology 

We keep you up-to-date and provide peace of mind with real time reporting. 

Personalized Interior/Exterior Inspection

Time/Date/GPS Reporting

Vendor/Contractor Liaising

Mail & Package Management

Home Systems Management

Filter/Battery Maintenance

House Plant Care

Post-Storm Assessment

Alarm Response Designation

CarWatch Add-on Available

Every home is unique as are its homeowners.

Let Golden Rule develop a plan for your home.

Is HomeWatch right for you?

Is your home your largest investment containing your most precious belongings?

Do you need to spend time away from your home for work, vacation, on assignment, or have personal business that keeps you away from your home?

Would you like peace of mind knowing that your home and belongings are being cared for and looked after?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, HomeWatch is for you!

Want a lighter touch or looking for something a little simpler? Check out our KeyWatch Service

BMW vehicle.

+ CarWatch Add-on Services

When you leave your home you may also need to leave your vehicles behind, and just because you’re not driving doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cared for and maintained.

Services Include:

Smart Battery Tender

Fluid/Tire Checks

Start & Run Vehicles

Arrange Maintenance

Schedule Detailing


For people who want to plan for the unexpected we securely hold a key for as needed access.

As Needed Access

Emergent Circumstances

Package Management


What is HomeWatch?

According to The National Home Watch Association:  “A visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues”.

Who are our clients? 
  • Anyone asking, “who will check on my home if I am away?”
  • Homeowners in Northern Virginia that spend time at a second home, and as a result leaving the primary home vacant for extended periods.
  • Those called away for an extended period due to family emergency.
  • Homeowners whose  job (or deployment) takes them out of the area for weeks, months, or years at a time.
  • Owners of a house that is unoccupied and on the market for sale.
  • A senior that is still in their home but cannot stay current on the condition of the home. Similarly, a senior that leaves their home unexpectedly due to medical emergency.
  • Adult children of a senior that do not live in the Washington DC Metro area (Golden Rule will be your local advocate).
  • Banks and lending institutions carrying inventories of vacant homes.
  • Realtors listing vacant homes.
  • Short term rental properties (e.g., VRBO, Airbnb) when out-of-season or vacant for long periods.
  • Commercial property owners with vacant properties.
Why use a HomeWatch service in Northern Virginia when you are away?

Data from the Insurance Institute demonstrates that an unoccupied home is at a higher risk of:

  • Vandalism
  • Break in
  • Failed HVAC – resulting in frozen and burst pipes and the subsequent growth of mold
  • Undetected water leaks – leading to thousands of dollars in messy damage
  • Clogged gutters or damaged roof – that may cause very costly interior damage
  • Pest infestation – insects and rodents move in very quickly to a vacant home
  • Unlawful home occupancy (squatters)

While Golden Rule Home Watch cannot prevent issues from occurring with your home, we can reduce their impact by finding them early. Working as your trusted agent we can prevent damage from becoming disaster!  Are you asking, “who will check on my home when I am away?”  Call Golden Rule for Peace Of Mind!

Why not just have a neighbor check on my home periodically?

You may trust a neighbor or family member, however they have likely not been trained in professional home watch. Living in a home and conducting detailed home checks are two very different mindsets. Neighbors or friends may not be able to visit your home regularly, provide a detailed checklist and walk through report to you. Also, if something happens to your home while they are watching, relationships with those neighbors/friends can be damaged.

Golden Rule Home Watch staff are trained, tested and trusted to provide the highest level of service available in the industry. We use technology enabled monitoring, extensive checklists and detailed reporting to provide comprehensive home watch services. We are trained to respond to issues and handle them for you in your absence, using our extensive network of service providers approved by you. Trusting your home to the professionals at Golden Rule means peace of mind for you.

Will Golden Rule provide interior, or exterior only HomeWatch services? CarWatch℠ only?

Yes.  Sometimes homeowners do not want or need anyone inside their home while they are away.  Golden Rule does provide limited home watch services at your direction. Likewise, if your biggest concern is your automobile, then we will provide CarWatch℠ services only.

Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge always customizes our service to the needs of every client.

Is Golden Rule HomeWatch & Concierge a Franchise?

No, Golden Rule HomeWatch & Concierge was created from the ground up by a small group of entrepreneurs in Northern Virginia.

Will my information be kept private?

Yes,  all information shared with Golden Rule is 100% confidential and will never be disclosed.  We exercise great discretion and are fiercely protective of your identity.

What precautions do you take for Coronavirus/Covid-19?

When we come to your home we wear the following:

  1. Fresh shoe protectors are worn each time so no outside debris is tracked inside.
  2. Unused Nitrile or Latex gloves
  3. Face masks

The above things are done to protect your home and to NOT bring anything harmful into your home.

I have another question.

We would love to call or email you to answer any questions or concerns that you might have about our services. You can reach us any way you’d like here.


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