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What Home Watch ISN’T

March 9, 2022


By now, people have heard of home watch and all the benefits it offers to homeowners. That being said, we still get questions about whether we can do “this or that” to which we have to say “no.”  So we thought we’d do a post on what Home Watch ISN’T or doesn’t do. Here are some of those questions:

Home Watch Isn’t a Property Manager

This may be one of the most often-asked questions, and something that Home Watch isn’t. A property management company, or property manager, works directly as a liaison between their property-owner clients and tenants to find the right tenants, collect rents, handle maintenance and repairs, answer tenant complaints, and perform evictions when necessary.

A Home Watch company acts as the eyes and ears on the ground to care for and protect a client’s home or business while they are absent. We review the property and its systems to check for proper function and signs of issues, using a detailed checklist. We file a report with our clients after each visit to their home or business.

Home Watch Isn’t a Home Inspector

A home inspector is someone who is generally hired to assess the condition of a property, including its structure, heating and cooling systems, electrical system, and the water and sewage systems. He or she will also look for damage from fire, insects or water, ultimately seeking problems that can affect the property’s value. A home inspector is often hired by a buyer looking to purchase a home. Depending on what the inspector finds, the price can be negotiated or the sale can be cancelled altogether.

Your Home Watch professional may have knowledge, and even extensive knowledge, of home construction and how a home runs, but isn’t hired to assess the home’s condition. If an issue is detected during a Home Watch visit, the homeowner is notified and given the option of fixing it themselves or having the Home Watch professional arrange for remediation. At Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge, we have a list of trusted and licensed contractors and repair personnel we can call upon to fix almost any problem. We can arrange for repairs, meet the contractor at the home, monitor the work, and report back to the homeowner once the repair is completed, along with documentation.

Home Watch Isn’t a House Sitter

A Home Watch professional isn’t like a house sitter, who is hired to live in the house while the homeowners are away. House sitters can help to maintain a property, care for pets, water plants, and give a home a lived-in presence.

While a Home Watch professional can water plants or feed fish in a non-portable tank as part of a package of concierge-type add-on services, he or she does not live in the home. Instead, the homeowners and the Home Watch company set a schedule of visits to the home where the professional performs its Home Watch checks.

Golden Rule Home Watch Is the Right Choice

When you need to be away from your home or business for an extended period and would like the peace of mind that someone is watching over your property, you need Golden Rule Home Watch. In addition to reviews of your property, we also offer convenient Car Watch and Key Watch services. Learn more about our services.

If you live in the Northern Virginia area and would like to know more about what Home Watch IS, then give us a call. Contact Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge at 855-928-2424.