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We Watch & Monitor Greenhouses Too

February 4, 2019

greenhouse with thermometer

In addition to beautiful homes, our clients often have other valuable assets we need to watch and monitor when they are away or simply don't have the time. Typical scenarios can include:

  • Keeping track of temperature in a greenhouse
  • Monitoring for motion in a classic car garage
  • Ensuring the appropriate humidity level in/around a wine cellar.

Tell us what you need, we have likely seen it and can help you manage it through our Home Watch Concierge Services.

Technology and People

Golden Rule Home Watch's Hi-Tech Hi Touch model provides both 24x7 environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, water leak detection) AND our trained people that visit the home or asset regularly.  Have another monitoring need or question?

Hi Tech - Technology is great and provides objective metrics that lead us to investigate and look more closely.


Hi Touch - Nothing replaces the eyes, ears, common sense and diagnostic abilities of people (at least not yet anyway...;-) to watch and monitor an important asset.  Is there a problem?  What is the problem?   How can that problem be fixed?

We believe that trained people using state-of-the-art technology provides for a very comprehensive model to watch and monitor a home or other important asset.   Whether you travel, have a second home or just don't have the time, we can help you.

What would you like for us to keep an eye on for you?  Contact us for a complimentary, no obligation consultation.