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Preventive Maintenance For Your Car- Gotta Do it!

March 7, 2019

Fact of life – we depend on our cars.    Your vehicle takes you and your family where you need to be.  If you don't take care of your car then it won't take care of you.  Mechanical systems eventually all fail (home and auto) and they often don’t give out at a convenient time.  Think of that very cold morning, or when you have to leave work to pick up your kid for swimming practice or when you are out of town on vacation. Having your car break down while you are on vacation is the worst!  I will say it again, Preventive Maintenance for your car...gotta do it.

Regular, preventive maintenance for your car will save you money in the long run and help ensure that your car, truck or SUV runs and operates as it should.

Regular oil changes

Old, used oil is full of contaminants and combustion by-products cycling around in your engine – decreases efficiency, increases wear, makes everything work harder and will shorten the life of the engine – the heart of every vehicle.  Most of the time when you get your oil changed then the shop will also check other fluids and vacuum out the interior.

Check Tire Pressure, Alignment and Rotation

If not inflated properly then tires wear prematurely and gas mileage can suffer.  Plus tires are expensive to replace.  Front end/four wheel alignment and regular tire rotations matter.

How Old is Your Coolant (Anti-Freeze)?

Coolant/antifreeze may wear out and will not work as well, think of overheating car in summer by the side of the road or rust in the system leading to expensive leak repairs.

Engine and Cabin air Filters

Think of an engine with a dirty filter similarly to a person breathing thru a straw.   A dirty engine air filter will also cause your engine to work harder and gas mileage to decrease.  A dirty cabin filter will let airborne contaminants in the car that you and your family breath in…  I love mental imagery…?

These things and others take very little time to check and some money, but are vitally important.  The ROI (Return On Investment) is quite good.   You don’t want to be that person broken down by the side of the road causing rubbernecking on the highway…then you will have to call a tow truck which costs even more and be late to where you are going.

Want to cause a problem and be the source of angst on I-66 or on I-495 at rush hour?  Just skip your vehicle’s routine, preventive maintenance and that will be you… Don’t be THAT person…

We know some good, honest auto care places for car care and also some for full auto restoration shops.  Have a classic?  Just ask us.


See the article below from Lifehacker for more details on preventive maintenance for your car.  Note the sections on doing an inspection yourself and checking the fluids yourself – not that hard