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Snowbird Alert: Heading South for Winter?

November 6, 2020


If you’re like many who crave a warmer climate in winter, you’ll soon be packing up and heading south, along with the other snowbirds from our Northern Virginia region. And you’ll be leaving your home unattended. While the thought of playing golf in January may be appealing, returning to a home that has been damaged or burglarized in your absence is not.

There is a solution: Home Watch

You can head out of town for a vacation or extended stay without a worry when you know a home watch professional is caring for your family home while you’re away.

No Home Should be Left Alone

Houses need regular maintenance. When you’re away for several months, things other than you can go south. A pipe could freeze, burst and flood your home. A leak could occur and create mold and mildew. An ice storm could damage your roof or gutters. There are so many things that could go wrong when you’re not there to monitor the home.

We establish with you a check-in routine whereby we visit your home on a scheduled basis to complete our exclusive 30-point interior and exterior assessment. We’ll check your systems to ensure they are working properly, check doors and windows, and look for any signs of potential problems. We’ll also monitor your indoor conditions: humidity and temperature levels. In addition, we can gather and forward mail or packages if you need us to.

After each visit, we provide you with a detailed report. If we do find a potential or current problem, you will be notified immediately and given options to remediate it. We can take manage contractor visits, if necessary, on your behalf and refer you to trusted professionals.

Choose the Level of Home Watch Service that’s Right for You

Since not all residential home watch needs are the same, at Golden Rule Home Watch, we offer several levels of service, from home watch, to home and auto watch, to key holder services. Read our recent blog post titled “Choose the Right Home Watch Package” to determine which level service is right for you.

Snowbird Home Security

One of the most important security measures is to make your home look occupied, even when it isn’t. This is the biggest deterrent to potential criminal activity. Lawn mowing, leaf, snow and storm debris removal, and outdoor maintenance are extremely important. We’ll manage the maintenance of your outdoor areas to ensure your home is tidy and well looked after.

Inside and outside your home, we’ll make sure your security lights are working, and replace light bulbs if they have burned out. A random lighting pattern is key to making the home look lived in.

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Snowbird Return Home Preparation

We can also prepare your home for your return. We’ll set your heat and water temperatures and stock a few groceries. Just let us know what you need.

Trust Golden Rule Home Watch

Golden Rule Home Watch provides more than 25 years of experience in home management, home improvement, and cybersecurity. With the use of technology and regular home visits, we give you the peace of mind to enjoy your winter without worry.

We serve families throughout Northern Virginia. If you’re a snowbird and need to make your home secure, contact us today for a free initial consultation at 855-928-2424.