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Protect Your Packages Against Porch Pirates

September 27, 2022


There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see packages on our neighbors’ porches as I drive home. Big packages, small packages, and sometimes piles of packages, all presumably ordered online with drop-off delivery. It also makes me wonder about the security those packages, with porch pirates on the prowl.

More than 35 million Americans say they have been a victim of porch pirates, with theft totals reaching more than $5.4 billion in value. According to an article by Finder, porch pirates steal packages left on porches hoping that inside they’ll find something of value. They especially target larger packages, expecting a higher-value product.

While 39% of this study reported having only one package stolen, roughly 36% claim having at least two packages stolen. And 11% say they were victimized three or more times! On the other side, about 3% of Americans admitted to having stolen a package in the last 12 months.

How to Help Protect Your Packages Against Porch Pirates

  1. Curbside pickup. More and more retailers are now offering the option of curbside pickup.
  2. Send it to work. Instead of using your home as the delivery address, send the package to your work address, where someone will receive it personally. If it arrives on a weekend and is left outside the door, most companies have security cameras to document any porch pirates.
  3. Use a P.O. Box. Although it may cost you to maintain a P.O. Box, your package will be held until you come to retrieve it.
  4. Require a signature. Delivery companies must acquire a signature upon delivery if you require it; they cannot leave the package on the porch unattended.
  5. Get video equipment. Installing doorbell cameras, like Ring, or other video surveillance equipment may not prevent porch pirates, but it can deter them. You can also speak to anyone you suspect to possibly scare them away.
  6. Designate a pal. Have a friend, neighbor or professional Home Watch company receive or remove packages on your behalf.

Protect Against Porch Pirates with Golden Rule Home Watch’s Concierge Package Pickup Services

One of the Concierge services we offer at Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge is package protection. If our clients know that a package will be arriving, they can notify us and we’ll make a special trip to the home to grab the package and put it safely inside the house, return it, or forward it to the clients, depending upon their instructions.

On our regular inspection visits to the home, we’ll also collect anything we find on the porch—like the mail, newspapers, flyers or packages—and bring them inside.

There are a number of reasons people call us to check for packages:

  • A package was delivered and not expected
  • They forgot to change the delivery address
  • It was delivered to the wrong address
  • A neighbor reports a package
  • A storm is expected

Porch Packages are an Indication that You Are Away

Leaving items on the porch such as mail, newspapers or packages for any period of time is a prime indicator that nobody is at home. Or that the house has been unoccupied for a period of time. This is a clear tip-off to unsavory types looking for easy burglary targets.

Our package pickup services is just one of the reasons homeowners throughout Northern Virginia trust Golden Rule Home Watch. Mainly, they want to be worry-free when they’re away from home for an extended period, like on a work assignment or family vacation.

A Home Watch professional creates a schedule of visits with clients to visit the unoccupied home throughout the length of the homeowners’ absence. During each visit, the Home Watch professional runs through a checklist of items to review, both inside and outside the home, to monitor for issues like a loss of electricity or water leak, for example. Concierge services are also available as add-on options.

Rely on Golden Rule Home Watch

When you’re not home, rely on Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge to be your eyes, ears and feet on the ground in your stead. Contact us today to schedule your complementary initial consultation.