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Home Watch Concierge Services Reduce Worry While You’re Away

September 29, 2021


The name of our business is Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge. We’ve discussed what Home Watch is in previous posts, so let’s take a look at the concierge services side of our company.

When you live in a house, there are constantly things you need to do to keep the home running effectively and efficiently. They can run from the basics of providing food and comfort to maintenance tasks like changing HVAC filters or smoke alarm batteries.

Think of Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge as your eyes, ears and feet on the ground. We’ll care for your home and your property as if it were our own. When we set up our Home Watch service with you, we’ll review our normal, comprehensive list of Home Watch services. Then we’ll talk about what else you might need—concierge services—and add those items into our home inspection visits.

Here are some concierge services that others have asked for. Are any of your needs on this list?

Collecting and forwarding mail & packages

Nothing says “I’m out of town” more than a pile of mail or packages at the front door. We’ll make sure to remove newspapers, mail and packages and take them inside. We can also forward items to your location, as requested, receive packages, or mail items on your behalf.

Arranging maintenance

Providing maintenance to home systems is a required task, and its timing may fall while you’re off on an assignment or enjoying a vacation. We’ll be glad to change out filters or batteries. Or we can arrange for servicepeople to perform maintenance tasks. We’ll schedule the visit, remain on site as they work, and report to you on the results of the service call.

Arranging repairs

If a home system or appliance breaks either before you leave or while you’re away, Golden Rule Home Watch can arrange for repair personnel to attend to the problem. Again, we’ll make the arrangements, remain on site, and report back on the results. We can work with your regular servicepeople, or we can recommend someone from our vetted resources.

Monitoring vehicles

When you have to leave one or more vehicles at home, they’ll also need care. Golden Rule’s Car Watch service can arrange for maintenance like oil or filter changes, install a battery tender, start and move your car to protect the motor and tires, or even schedule detailing.

Checking pools & water features

We’ll be glad to monitor your pool and water features like a pond or fountain to ensure that water levels remain constant and that no damage has occurred.

Watering plants

When you’re away for an extended period, there is no better way to maintain your plants than to have someone physically attend to them. Automatic watering systems can’t tell you when a plant needs extra attention!

Preparing your home for your return

It’s no fun returning home to a cold and empty home. We can prepare your home for your return by setting the thermostat, pre-arrival grocery shopping, and setting a welcoming scenario to greet you. Let’s define what concierge services help you get back to your normal routine quickly.

Concierge Services Help Reduce the Worry About Your Home While You’re Away

Don’t worry about your home while you’re away. With Golden Rule’s Home Watch and Concierge services, everything is taken care of. Contact us today to talk about our Home and Car Watch services and the particular concierge services you need.