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How Home Watch Works

July 7, 2020

Hot water tank leak inspection, Golden Rule Home Watch

There is no reason why you shouldn’t use a home watch service, and many reasons why you should. When you are away from home, on vacation or an extended period, things can go wrong in your home. Pipes can burst, storms can damage roofs, and HVAC systems can fail. Home watch works to provide homeowners with the peace of mind that their home is cared for by a professional when they’re not there.

What is Home Watch?

Golden Rule Home Watch is a member in good standing of the National Home Watch Association (NHWA) which describes home watch as “a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.” It is sometimes known by other names such as Concierge Home Watch, House Watch, or Absentee Home Service.

How Does Home Watch Work?

Systems and Overall Home Review: Your trained home watch professional will conduct basic and regular inspections of the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, and a review of the overall condition of the home and property. In addition, your inspector will look for any signs of leaks, mold and pests, and conduct any agreed-upon service during each visit. We provide homeowners with our exclusive 40-Point interior and exterior assessment report.

If any problems or potential problems are detected, the home watch professional will contact the homeowner immediately to report the problem. The homeowner will decide how to proceed: they can wait until they return to handle the issue or enlist the help of the home watch professional who can arrange for repairs or service on the homeowner’s behalf using service companies of the homeowner’s choice or recommendations of the home watch company.

Safety & Maintenance: To make your home look occupied even when you’re not there, your home watch service can remove newspapers, gather and forward mail, and manage exterior maintenance such as lawn mowing and light bulb replacement, as well as review the home’s exterior for any signs of neglect. This provides homeowners with peace of mind that their home will be well looked after during their absence.

Storm Preparation and Damage Inspection: If a storm is predicted for your home’s location, you won’t be there to prepare for it. Your home watch professional can secure your home and belongings to prevent storm damage, such as tying down outdoor furniture, securing plants, or moving items to indoor or shed storage in preparation for a storm. If a storm does hit, your home watch inspector will review your home for any damage or potential problems such as downed tree limbs and debris, roof damage, missing shingles, etc. You will be notified if any issues are found.

Don’t Believe It Can’t Happen to You

Here is a real-life situation that happened to one of our Arlington, VA-based clients:

“Our hot water tank started to leak, and Dan spotted it before it completely failed and our basement was ruined. He contacted us right away, scheduled and met a plumber at our home, and made sure the job was finished. He then sent us photos and a final report of the work that had been done. If Golden Rule had not been looking in on our home, we would have returned to a mess.”

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Choose from Three Golden Rule Home Watch Packages

Golden Rule Home Watch offers three ways in which home watch works to help homeowners protect their home when they are away: Home Watch; Home & Auto Watch; and Key Holder. Learn more about these packages on our previous post titled “Choose the Right Home Watch Package” or on our Services pages.

Golden Rule Home Watch services the Northern Virginia-DC metropolitan region, and is bonded, insured, and background-checked. Contact us to schedule your vacation or away-from-home home watch service.