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Thanks to all of our clients who have trusted the Golden Rule Team to watch their home when they were away.  Many thanks also to our concierge and corporate housing clients. 

We love our clients!

” Dan Lender of Golden Rule Home Watch (GRHW) was interviewed and selected by us based on the knowledge and professionalism he displayed. We left for a period of two months and quickly realized that we had made the right decision. In addition to being knowledgeable, Dan is detail oriented, trustworthy, and passionate about what he does. Dan visited the property weekly, watered the plants, walked the entire property, and picked up our mail. After each visit Dan emailed us a detailed report that included pictures, comments, and recommendations. Dan also sorted our mail separating junk from important mail and shipped us what appeared to be critical and time sensitive mail. My wife and I travel quite frequently and will always rely on GRHW to watch our home. We highly recommend Golden Rule Home Watch”.

– Joe S., Great Falls, VA


“We are in the process of settling our parents’ estate and until we decided what to do with the house, it was very comforting to know that Dan and his team were going to check on our home regularly and would keep us updated.   Water came in to the basement, the hot water tank started to leak, furnace filters and smoke detectors batteries all needed to be addressed. Golden Rule provided our family with great peace of mind during a very difficult time.

—A. F, Arlington, Va.

“We were so happy to know that Dan and his team were looking after our home while we are traveling.  Our hot water tank started to leak and he spotted it before it completely failed and our basement was ruined.  Dan contacted us right away, scheduled and met a plumber at our home and made sure that the job was finished.  He then sent us photos and a final report of the work that had been done.  If Golden Rule had not been looking in on our home, then we would have returned to a mess.  We will absolutely have Golden Rule watch our home in the future when we travel.”

—B. G., McLean, Va.

We used Golden Rule for the first time in October 2019 while in Europe for over a month. They came to our house every week and did a fine job sending detailed reports including pictures, systems status, comments, and recommendations. They put a battery charger on our car battery to keep it topped off. They even used a leaf blower on our walkway, deck and driveway and watered our house plants. The plants looked as good as when we left! Dan, the owner, knows a lot about house systems and small things to make the house lived in. His suggestions were spot on. We will use Golden Rule again on our next trip.

—Alden S., Oakton, Va.

“Golden Rule Home Watch provided great peace of mind during our extended absence, checking on our home weekly and periodically driving our car. Dan is reliable; very knowledge about both home maintenance and cars; and communicates very clearly, both in person and through his weekly status reports. We would absolutely use Golden Watch under similar circumstances in the future.”

—Tom O., Reston, Va.

“Golden Rule provides an important and quality service for our home while traveling. The increase in severe weather has emphasized the importance of this service. It is too much to ask neighbors to deal with a storm or tree issue, especially while they themselves are dealing with their own home. In addition, it is wonderful to know that the house is being checked, stray deliveries are collected and plants are being watered when we are traveling. Golden Rule takes care of these things and provides reports and support while you are away. Knowing we have this trusted relationship has made a very positive difference to us, and we confidently recommend Dan and the Golden Rule team!”

– Mary D., Oakton, Va.

“Golden Rule Home Watch gave us great peace of mind when we were away from home. They visited our home regularly and sent us a detailed electronic report after each visit. The Golden Rule Team is friendly, knowledgeable and provided great customer service. I highly recommend!”

—Ann F. Mclean, Va

“GRHW watched our home while we were on vacation. It was a relief not to have to impose upon our neighbors to water our plants; get our mail; and check on our home. Halfway through our vacation, we were notified of a delivery of perishable items we were not expecting. We texted Dan, and he immediately went to our house, retrieved the package and put everything neatly away in our freezer. When we got home, our flowers and vegetable garden looked healthy, our mail was neatly stacked, and they even blew off our driveway and deck as a courtesy. We will never go on vacation again without having GRHW watch our home!”

– Max and Paria, Oak Hill, Va.

“Our family has been very impressed with Golden Rule, we feel that this group is “the” organization to handle home watch services in the DMV area. We work with professionals all the time in a home and landscaping capacity and have high expectations and demands for our home needs. This group has excelled in every area. They are a very comprehensive and trustworthy organization, with great experience in this field.

Their service is excellent, they are both very responsive and forward thinking in the type of coverage a client needs. Many of their recommendations have proved quite useful in our experience.

No matter what the issue, time frame or concern we knew that we could count on Dan and the group at Golden Rule to treat our home as if it was their own. They are professionals, both serious and committed to doing a thorough job. I would not hesitate to use them again! I couldn’t think of anyone else to trust our home to but Golden Rule.”

Melody B, Great Falls, Va.

“The team at Golden Rule gave us great confidence and peace of mind that our home was in good hands when we were away.  They monitored our home 24/7 with environmental sensing technology and sent us updates via email after each visit. The Golden Rule Team is friendly, knowledgeable and provided great customer service. I highly recommend Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge!”

— N.M., Arlington, Va.

“Golden Rule Home Watch is the ‘premier’ home monitoring service in our area.   This organization impressed us with both their professionalism and their customer service oriented focus. They are quite thorough in their analysis and very conscientious. During our absence we found them to be very interactive, offering immediate responsiveness and detailed communications. They provide individualized care and could easily accommodate any special requests. Entrusting our home to their care gave us a real sense of comfort and security, we would not hesitate to use them again. This is a first class company!”

— Chelsea R., Great Falls, Va.


Dan Lender at Golden Rule Home Watch is “the best”; always thorough, communicates regularly, goes the extra mile even when not asked, very professional and super nice. Recommend highly!!!.”

— Lynn C., Reston, Va.

Dan Lender and the Golden Rule team visited our home regularly when we are out of town. We always received a detailed report after each home visit and Dan went out of his way to secure anything we forgot to attend. We highly recommend Golden Rule Home Watch professional services to anyone leaving their home for an extended time. They were trustworthy, knowledgeable and affordable. We will have them watch our home again.

— Roma A., Ashburn, Va.

“Dan and his team are great to work with and very flexible. It’s always great working with him.”

— Travelers H., San Francisco, Ca.

“Peace of mind. That’s what we received from Golden Rule Home Watch, and when you are going to Italy for a two week trip of a lifetime, it’s hard to put a price tag on that. With all of the heavy rains and flooding in neighbors’ basements, we were very concerned about leaving the house. Golden Rule monitored and provided periodic updates on the house, and we didn’t have to worry. Simple, easy, no worries, friendly and attentive service. Well worth it!”

— Jim H., Reston, Va.

“We first thought this was a great service but one we would likely never use since we have always asked neighbors to watch the house. Well we were so wrong. A summer of rain meant trees were toppling in our neighborhood and basements were flooding everywhere – and we had a long vacation planned to Italy…it’s really too much to ask the neighbors when a tree could fall, the basement could flood, etc. So we called Golden Rule and WOW! They met with me to explain the service, gave us great tips on securing our home, gave us updates throughout the trip (we had 1 window unlocked when they did their initial check) and upon our return we were given a list (thankfully short) of home maintenance issues that we should address. We didn’t worry about our house for even a second while we were gone. Thank you Golden Rule! We will definitely use you in the future.

— Alisa H., Reston Va.

“I highly recommend the team at Golden Rule Home Watch. They offer a valuable and unique service to watch over homes when owners are away on travel, vacation, stationed abroad, etc. This is not the same as a home alarm system, they use moisture sensors and other technology to instantly know if something went wrong (pipe burst, tree limb breaks window, etc). Give them a call if you will be leaving your home for an extended period. You’ll be glad you did!”

— Pete K., Chantilly, Va.

“Traveling abroad is stressful enough without worrying about something happening to your home while you are away. The team at Golden Rule watched over our home, monitored it 24/7 and did in person weekly home checks, then sent us an electronic report. Their level of service gave us peace of mind while we were away that allowed us to enjoy our time abroad without the worry. They even watered our plants and drove our cars to make sure the batteries remained charged. We couldn’t have asked for better service from Golden Rule. They are true professionals and we highly recommend their service.”

— Cristy G., Ashburn, Va.

“The Golden Rule Team was very helpful and punctual. They worked with our corporate housing company to meet our goals and timeline for getting a residence available for a new guest. We highly recommend Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge. Will be reaching out again for work in the future!.”

— Kayla A., Houston, Tx.

“The team at Golden Rule gave me great peace of mind while I was away. They monitored my town home 24/7 and checked on it weekly, sending me electronic reports. They are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and provided great customer service. I highly recommend my new friends at Golden Rule!”

— Mary Ann D., Reston, Va.

“Knowledgeable, thorough, professional, trustworthy, great integrity and great advice prior to us departing and after we returned. Reached out with questions, but wasn’t intrusive. Gave us much peace of mind while we traveled thousands of miles away, knowing our house was being monitored especially during the extreme rains and flooding that hit the region while we were away. Highly recommended.”

— Kimberly S., Reston, Va.

“Dan and his team with Golden Rule Home Watch are wonderful. They provide unique services for their clients from just “keeping the key” for just in case to more monitoring an unexpected flood.”

— Patrice D., Ashburn, Va.

“The driver, Amy, picked up me and my dog for a trip to the vet. She was on time and extremely helpful in getting a frightened dog into the vehicle. After the vet visit she asked if I needed to do more errands and extremely helpful in getting the dog safely out of the vehicle.
I would gladly use this service again!”

— Mary K., Arlington Va.

“Dan and Golden Rule Home Watch have provided extraordinary assistance to us in dealing with our insurance claim by providing documented technical environmental monitoring, real time response and comprehensive reports to verify moisture damage to our home following severe storm damage. Their documentation countered the insurance company’s denial of non-visual damage within our walls which the claims adjuster overlooked/ignored. In addition, their devices are critical in continuous monitoring throughout the house.  Hats off and kudos to Dan and Golden Rule for their assistance and expertise.”

— Greg D., Reston Va.

“The professionals at Golden Rule can be trusted to watch over your home when you are away. Knowledgeable, systematic, and tech savvy, they provide real value through their services. We will reach out to them again the next time we are away from home. Give them a call; they have my highest recommendation.”

— Rick H., Ashburn, Va. 6-2-18

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