February 17, 2020

Should You Worry About Your Home When You Go Away? We provide homeowners with peace of mind and the ability to sleep better at night knowing that someone they can trust is keeping an eye on their home when they are away. I also did some research on the top homeowners insurance claims in the […]

December 20, 2019

These 5 tips for every homeowner are easy to follow, can save money, will increase comfort and in some cases help to avoid disaster for your home (and bank account). Fun With a Sharpie… When you change the filters in your furnace, write the date of the change. Use a Sharpie or permanent marker.  This […]

December 16, 2019

Is Your Home Ready for Winter?  Make Sure Your Home Stays Cozy and Warm. Whether you do-it-yourself or have someone tackle it for you, the point is to get it done before snow and really cold weather arrive. Tips: 1. Have Your Furnace Checked Have you had your furnace checked this year.  Winter 2019 does […]

October 21, 2019

If you’re going away, you will want to prepare your home for your absence. Here are 10 tips to get your home ready:  Turn off the water at the main valve AND drain water from the lines from the lowest point in the house.  You have a gate valve and those are prone to getting […]

September 10, 2019

Want to learn more About Golden Rule Home Watch for Northern Virginia? Read read this great article from Reston Diggs business spotlights: Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge is the innovator of the Hi-Tech Hi-Touch Home Watch System℠ which combines the use of environmental sensor technology AND trained people to provide comprehensive home watch […]

September 3, 2019

At Golden Rule Home Watch, we routinely check (and test) smoke and carbon monixide (CO) detectors in our client’s homes. Frequently, the batteries are dead and/or the detector is faulty and no longer working. See the picture of a USI Electric hard wired detector that expired in 2009 and started to beep continuously.  We have […]

August 21, 2019

In a recent home check, I saw a spot on the ceiling that was highly suspect. I wondered, “Was the air handler sweating causing a leak into the ceiling?” The HVAC system (which is cold) is in the crawlspace (above the ceiling (which is hot) = condensation leaking into the ceiling. You can see our […]
car with cover

May 28, 2019

Getting ready to go away on a vacation or an extended absense? Golden Rule Car Watch will watch your car for you when you are away! We’re experts at taking care of luxury cars and any family car so your car will be ready for you when you return. Learn more about our Car Watch […]

April 10, 2019

Going Away for Spring Break?  Here are some tips to protect your home when you are away: 1. Consider turning off the water at the main valve in your home – the greatest risk to your home is from water (leaks, weather). We don’t recommend turning off those little valves near your toilet or under […]

March 7, 2019

Fact of life – we depend on our cars.    Your vehicle takes you and your family where you need to be.  If you don’t take care of your car then it won’t take care of you.  Mechanical systems eventually all fail (home and auto) and they often don’t give out at a convenient time.  […]

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