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Managing Your Home From Long Distance

April 13, 2023


Managing your home from long distance can be challenging. It requires careful planning, the use of technology, and trusted individuals to help you keep things running smoothly. Although it can be challenging, there are several strategies you can use to make it easier:

  • Set up a system for receiving and paying bills and have them sent to you electronically to bank online or ask a trusted family member or friend to collect and pay them on your behalf
  • Hire a property management company to take care of tasks like maintenance, repairs and finding renters if you are renting out your home
  • Use smart technology to remotely control and monitor your home’s temperature, security and appliances.
  • Install security cameras that can alert you to any unusual activity
  • Have a trusted neighbor or friend check up on the home periodically
  • Cancel automatic deliveries and pause subscriptions
  • Hire a Home Watch professional

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What Could Happen to My Home When I’m Away for an Extended Time?

When you’re managing your home from a long distance and away for an extended period, several things can (and have) happened that could potentially cause damage or future problems. Here are some of the most common issues:

  • Water damage from leaks or other plumbing issues can cause significant damage if left unchecked for an extended period.
  • Pest infestations such as rodents, termites, ants or bees can cause damage to both the home and its contents. (See our related post: Bees in the Walls.)
  • Mold and mildew can grow when humidity levels rise in a home that’s not ventilated regularly.
  • Electrical issues can pose a fire risk if not addressed promptly.
  • Security breaches and targeting by burglars if the home appears unoccupied for an extended period, resulting in theft or property damage
  • HVAC failure or malfunction leading to extreme temperatures that can damage the home and its contents.
  • Lawn and landscaping issues that can attract pests, damage the home’s appearance, violate local codes or homeowner association rules or attract potential burglars.

Trust Golden Rule Home Watch for Help with Managing Your Home from Long Distance

A Home Watch professional, like those at Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge in Northern Virginia can provide a range of services for managing your home from long distance. Here are some of the ways they can help:

  • Regular inspections of your property to ensure everything is in order. Home Watch checks for any signs of water damage, pests, mold or potential issues.
  • Security checks to look for indications of forced entry and ensure that all windows and doors are locked. They can alert you and the authorities if necessary.
  • Routine maintenance such as changing air filters, checking the HVAC system and watering plants. Your Home Watch company helps ensure your property is well maintained and that potential issues are addressed before they become problems.
  • Coordination of repairs and maintenance with contractors to make sure the work is done property, on schedule and on budget.
  • Package and mail collection to prevent the home from looking unoccupied.
  • Peace of mind knowing your property is in good hands. You can relax and enjoy your travel or work priorities without having to worry about your home.

When you need help managing your home from long distance, contact Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge at 855-928-2424 to learn more about our HomeWatch, CarWatch,  KeyWatch and Concierge services.