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Professional Home Watch Benefits

April 5, 2018


Have you ever had any water leaks or long power outages in your home? Did the Furnace go out? Unfortunately, we will all experience a problem like this sooner or later. Golden Rule professional home watch is here to help you!

Water related issues may include:

  • Leak from the hot water heater
  • Sink or bathtub plumbing line
  • Aging seal on the toilet tank
  • Broken ice dispenser line.

The result from water leaks is often costly damage to ceilings, hardwood flooring and drywall not to mention the loss of photos and personal belongs that cannot be replaced.

If no one is home for a week (or a month or two) and no one is checking then the water runs and runs (and runs).

Other Problems:

  • Power outage
    • No electricity means the refrigerator/freezer is off which may lead to thawed and spoiled food.
    • HVAC will be off, temperature drops in winter leading to frozen pipes (and dead plants)
  • Pest infestation – insects, spiders and mice move in quickly when there is no one around
  • HVAC system problem – If the system fails, the house will not be heated in winter, pipes may freeze
  • Clogged gutters from leaves in the fall and ice dams in the winter. Leaves and ice then cause water to back-up into your house
  • Break-ins and vandalism.


  • Golden Rule Home Watch provides 24/7 monitoring and regular visits to check the home’s exterior and interior which promotes prevention for some of the above problems and great deal of proactivity for others. Golden Rule even has a meter for the freezer to determine if the contents have thawed out and re-frozen.
  • Peace of mind for the homeowner - Knowing that their home, often one of their most valuable assets, is being monitored for problems 24/7 by state-of-the-art technology and by a skilled, knowledgeable and responsive team of Home Watch Professionals.

Who Would Benefit From a Professional Home Watch Service?

  • Those with a second home that leave their primary home for extended periods.
  • Your job takes you out of the area for weeks, months, or years at a time.
  • A homeowner called away for an extended period due to family emergency.
  • Owners of a house that is unoccupied and on the market for sale.
  • A senior (or family of a sr.) that is still in the home but cannot stay current on the condition of the home.
  • Banks and lending institutions carrying inventories of vacant houses
  • Realtors listing vacant homes and estate homes with long sales cycles
  • Rental owners whose rental properties sit unoccupied for long periods (out-of-season)
  • Commercial property owners with vacant properties.

Golden Rule’s Hi Tech and Hi Touch Home Watch System provides 24/7 environmental sensor monitoring AND the eyes and ears of people who visit and monitor your home for you while you are away.

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