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Why You Have Security With Golden Rule

August 13, 2020

Cyber Security

Not everybody understands what it means to protect your security, both in your home and online. But we do. This knowledge comes into play when choosing who to trust with your largest investments: your homes and cars. Here’s how our security background at Golden Rule Home Watch keeps you secure.

Dan Lender, the founder of Golden Rule Home Watch, came to Northern Virginia after changing careers from being a pharmacist into IT. The companies he worked for specialized in cybersecurity, with antivirus and anti-malware solutions, and cyber-threat intelligence.

Here’s what Dan has to say:

Living and breathing cybersecurity for several years, I saw first-hand how sophisticated criminals are. There are phishing programs, malware and cyber threats everywhere. It’s very intriguing. But many of these criminals are lazy, and unfortunately, there are plenty of opportunities where people make it easy.

Luckily, the good guys are trying to keep pace with the bad guys, and are continually issuing software, fixes, updates and patches to remediate problems and protect consumers.

You never want to be the ‘low-hanging fruit’—and this pertains to both your home and your online security. There are simple, if not obvious, things you can do to protect yourself and your family, which is what I try to teach people through my work with my clients and my blog.

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It was a natural step for Dan to open his Home Watch service, and through it, he employs his knowledge and expertise to your advantage. His attention to every detail ensures a safe and protected environment, so you don’t have to worry.

How Our Security Background Keeps You Secure

At Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge, we are fiercely protective of our client’s identities and the items they trust into our care. We watch over your home, checking every little detail and reporting changes immediately to our clients. We protect your automobiles.  For your security, we never write your name on your key. We use a complex algorithm to code our client’s keys, and no information is stored in the local computer. Everything we use is through electronic systems and stored in a secure vault in the cloud.

When we visit your home, especially during the coronavirus outbreak, we wear shoe covers, face masks and gloves, and we do not mark our cars with our identity or when possible do not park in your driveway. This way passers-by are not notified of our presence at your home.

We may ask you about your cybersecurity and Wi-Fi connections when we speak, since we have such a solid background in this area, and we may make suggestions on how to secure this area of your life as well. It just shows we care. After all, we chose the name Golden Rule because it reflects our philosophy of treating our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves. If we see something obvious that can help protect you, we feel we should say something.

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