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Who is an Ideal Home Watch Client?

March 15, 2021


Although Home Watch is not new, it may be a new way for many people to secure homes they own when they are not occupying them. There are many reasons to use Home Watch, and many people who could benefit from it. Let’s look at who is an ideal home watch client and Home Watch situations.

On Vacation
Away for Family or Medical Emergency
Out of Town Assignment or Deployment

When you leave home for an extended period for any reason, it is always best to have someone watching over your home. Engage a professional Home Watch company to monitor your systems, look for any signs or potential signs of damage, grab the mail, pick up the flyers and papers, water your plants, check for storm damage, mow the lawn, check all locks, and even prepare your home for your return by setting thermostats and providing basic groceries.

We have a basic set of required checkpoints, but also offer concierge services for anything special you might need done in your absence. Expecting a package delivery? Need to feed the fish or monitor pond water levels? Just let us know what you need to be done and we’ll add it onto our tasks to review on each visit.

Unoccupied Home for Sale

Another ideal Home Watch clients may have an unoccupied home for sale. If this home is in the Northern Virginia area, but you are not, let us watch over it for you. We find that Realtors don’t have the same sense of care for your home as you might, and we have discovered gas fireplaces left on, thermostats set at awkward temperatures, lights left on or off, and even doors and windows left unlocked or open after a home showing. It’s always good to have someone check the home after people you don’t know have been in it.

Unoccupied Inherited Home
Vacation or Second Home
Vacant Home in a HOA
Banks and Lending Institutions with a Vacant Home Inventory
Property Managers
Short-term Rental Property Owners, including VRBO, Airbnb, etc.
Commercial Property Owners

When you own or are responsible for a property but aren’t there on a regular basis, the building may begin to look unoccupied. Things like an unmowed lawn, overgrown bushes, burned-out security lights, storm debris, or piled-up flyers are a sure tip-off to thieves that nobody is living there. A professional Home Watch service can ensure that the exterior of your home is kept up immaculately, whether we do it ourselves or engage and monitor a service like a lawn care provider. This is in addition to our interior services where we regularly check your electrical and plumbing systems for signs of problems like a leak or a short and look for other potential problems. It’s best to catch these types of problems early before they cause extensive damage to your home. You receive a full report of each visit and notification if any anomalies are indicated.

Seniors Who Cannot Care for the Home
People with Disability or Motility Issues
Adult Children of Seniors

Even when someone is living in the home, sometimes they need someone to review the home or assist with maintenance. This is another ideal Home Watch client. For the peace of mind of homeowners themselves or their worried adult children who live out of town, our Home Watch professional can review the home for potential systems failures (like leaks or faulty wiring), safety issues, maintenance (like changing filters), or manage service companies on your behalf. Let us know what would make you rest easier and we can put it on our list.

You are Probably an Ideal Golden Rule Home Watch Client

If you have a home in the Northern Virginia area that would benefit from a professional Home Watch service, or you are an ideal Home Watch client, please contact us here at Golden Rule Home Watch. We offer HomeWatch, our standard multi-point home review, CarWatch to monitor your cars, Concierge Services for those extras, and KeyWatch, a Key Holder service for an emergency contact.