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Always Ask Whether Your Home Watch Company is Bonded & Insured

August 30, 2022


There is a classification designated as Home Watch professionals, and then there are people who say they can watch your home for a fee while you’re away. These are two entirely different things, and to protect your home and property, you must understand the difference. Knowing that your Home Watch company is licensed, bonded, insured and background-checked is crucial—and something to ask about.

How and Why is a Home Watch Company Licensed?

Having a business license shows that the company has been proven competent, and meets the standard requirements to do business in your state. In addition, a company or its individuals can earn Certifications by fulfilling further training and passing stringent tests.

Dan Lender, owner of Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge (GRHW), earned the designation of Certified Home Watch Professional as bestowed by the National Home Watch Association, making him one of the elite Home Watch providers in the industry. He is one of the NWHA’s Home Watch Boot Camp instructors! Golden Rule has also earned accreditation from the NWHA each year.

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How and Why is a Home Watch Company Bonded?

Bonding is a term that ensures the consumer that this company can fulfill its service promise. The Home Watch company purchases a third-party surety bond to ensure that funds are available in the case of a claim against the Home Watch company. This guarantees that the project, service or act will be financially covered if performance is not complete or satisfactory or if damage occurs. A surety bond protects the client who has hired the business, and any claims are made against the surety company issuing the bond.

How and Why is a Home Watch Company Insured?

Similar to your home and car insurance, a company should also have insurance to cover risks, and purchases coverage through an independent insurance agency. With Home Watch, some of this insurance can include General Liability, Errors and Omissions (E&O). An insurance policy protects the business from losses, and any claims are made against the insurance policy.

Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge carries more than $1 million in liability insurance. “We are always very careful and have never had an accident in a client’s home, but if something should happen, we are insured,” Lender ensures.

How and Why is a Home Watch Company Background-Checked?

To become a member of the National Home Watch Association, each company must undergo a complete third-party background check. In addition, each member of that company is also checked—a double background check.

When hiring, GRHW looks at an applicant’s education, employment record, criminal record, financial history, and other relevant information pertaining to the job. We also look for red flags, like information that is inconsistent with what the job candidate provided. Since our principals and employees will be entering a client’s home, this ensures safety and peace of mind for those looking to hire our Home Watch company.

Always Ask the Essential Questions

When you need to hire a professional Home Watch company, protect yourself. Always ask whether the company you’re interviewing is bonded, insured and background-checked. Not all Home Watch companies have the same qualifications. Legitimate companies will have no problem with your asking and will be proud to show you their credentials.

Golden Rule Home Watch Made an Investment in Your Security

Homeowners need to work with companies that are secure—especially when it comes to trusting them with their most valuable asset: their home. That’s why we made a sizeable investment in being bonded, insured and background-checked. It’s a huge part of the value we offer and should bring a higher standard of expectation from our clients.

Don’t leave your Northern Virginia home unattended when you’re away on an extended absence. Trust Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge to look after your house and cars. Contact us for a free initial consultation.