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Who Will Watch Your Home For You When You Are Away?

August 1, 2018

Home Watcher


Who Will Check On Your Home For You When You Are Away?  Maybe a relative, friend or neighbor that you REALLY trust?

If so then have a spare key made, talk to that person about visiting your home regularly (weekly or bi-weekly), checking everything systematically and then sending you a report with photos and comments after each visit.  That's a lot to ask...;-)

If something happens, will you hold them responsible?  What if the person that you asked goes away the same time you do?  If you don’t have a relative, friend or neighbor that will commit to the above (or if you don’t want to ask someone) then consider a professional home watch service like that from the Golden Rule Team.


  • Hi-Tech: We place environmental sensor technology in your home to monitor temperature, humidity, power outage and also for the detection of water leaks.
  • Hi-Touch: Our team visits your home weekly or bi-weekly to perform a complete inspection of both the exterior and interior of your home noting any issues problems.
  • Reporting: Upon completion of each inspection, we will send you an eReport via email with details and photos of the condition of your home
  • Follow-up: If there is a problem requiring immediate action then we will call you immediately to discuss the problem and any suggested actions to remediate.


  • Environmental sensors that monitor 24x7 indicate whether the power is on, the HVAC system is working, temperature and humidity are at the right levels to make sure pipes do not freeze and mold does not grow.
  • Regular inspections (human eyes and ears) make sure that gutters are not full, pests have not entered the home, there has been no vandalism and your home is safe and secure.
  • Regular reporting gives you peace of mind that, what may be one of your largest investments, is being taken care of by people you can trust.
  • If a problem then Golden Rule will contact you and can act on your behalf per your instructions to make sure that any issues is resolved quickly.

Going on vacation?, Moving abroad for work?, travel seasonally? - Who Will Check On Your Home For You When You Are Away?

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