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Who Has a Key To Check Your Home in Northern Virginia?

Do you give a copy of your house key to a neighbor, friend, or relative to access your home when you are away or not available? What if the person you trust is ill or out of town at the same time that you are? Also, do you expect that person to be available 24×7? Holding someone else’s house key can be an enormous responsibility. Golden Rule’s Key Holder Service may be a great low cost (yes, low cost) option for enabling someone to access (as-needed) and check your home when you are away!

How Golden Rule Key Holder Service Works:

Our team will hold on to a copy of your house key and when needed (and per your instructions), go to your property to grant access or check your home.  It is as simple as that!

Examples include:

  • Meet and grant access to contractors or repair technicians. We can also stay and oversee the work then lock up when the work is finished.
  • Wait for and meet vendors (cable installers, exterminator etc). It may not make financial sense for you to take time off work or be away from the office.
  • Accept important deliveries to your home in your absence (from Amazon, eBay etc. ).  A great solution to thwart Porch Pirates!
  • Meet renters or friends at your home to begin or end their stay
  • Be an important point of contact with 24/7 response to security alarms at your home
  • Prepare your home for your return from time way (cleaning services also available)
  • Check your home after a storm or power outage
  • After each visit to your home, we will email a time and GPS stamped report to you with details of what was done and when. Why not trust a professional that is insured and bonded to provide you peace of mind while you are unavailable?
  • Lock out assistance

This service is perfect when you are looking for a low-cost option to allow access to and check your home on an “as needed” basis. Additionally, Golden Rule Key Holder Service is designed for any Northern Virginia homeowner whether you are a busy professional, frequent traveler or just away on vacation or holiday.

Background Checked, Bonded and Insured

Golden Rule team members are all background checked, bonded and insured. You can leave your keys with us and be 100% confident that they are secured and safe.

Golden Rule’s Key Holder Service is a safe, secure and very affordable way to have us check your home for you when you aren’t around!


Fees are established during our no-fee consultation so that you can clearly understand the services that you will receive.