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How Golden Rule Home Watch Earns our 100% Client Retention Rate

November 20, 2023


At Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge, we’re proud to have a 100% retention rate among our clients. This represents the fact that our company has successfully met or exceeded our clients’ expectations; implies that they are highly satisfied with our products, services and overall experience; and see value in continuing their relationship with our company.

As a homeowner, you cherish your property and strive to protect it in the best ways possible, which includes using a professional Home Watch service when you’re away for an extended period. The true value, however, lies in the meaningful relationship you build with your Home Watch company that goes beyond the mere provision of services.

Your relationship is built on the foundation of trust, open communication and personalized care that you deserve. And by nurturing this relationship, you build a strong bond; the Home Watch company becomes an extension of your support network to ensure your home is in capable hands even when you’re away. Their knowledge of your property and preferences allows them to deliver targeted and customized services, anticipate issues, take preventive measures, and address maintenance needs promptly, saving you from potential issues and costly repairs later on. With a trusted Home Watch partner, you can confidently enjoy your time away.

How a 100% Retention Rate Benefits You, the Client

A 100% retention rate for a Home Watch company is highly unusual, however, it speaks highly for the company. It can also benefit you in several ways:

  • You have confidence knowing the Home Watch company has been consistently providing quality services, which they will continue to deliver to you as well
  • They understand their clients’ individual needs and preferences, including yours. They will develop a deep understanding of your property, its specific requirements, and any unique considerations to tailor a personalized care plan.
  • It reflects the trust and satisfaction of its clients. They have demonstrated the ability to meet expectations, maintain open communication and respond to any concerns promptly.
  • You know the company values long-term relationships with its clients, and forms an ongoing partnership where you can enjoy the benefits of continuity and familiarity
  • As a valued client, your relationship can lead to additional services and support beyond the standard Home Watch duties. As they become more familiar with your needs and preferences, they may be able to offer personalized recommendations, coordinate additional activities, or provide access to their network of trusted service providers.

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8 Ways We Earn our 100% Retention Rate

Earning a 100% retention rate is challenging, but not impossible. It requires a comprehensive approach focused on delivering exceptional products, services and customer experiences. Ways we, at Golden Rule Home Watch, strive to earn this position include:

  1. Having a deep understanding our clients’ needs, preferences and pain points
  2. Striving for excellent in every aspect of what we do to ensure our offerings meet or exceed our clients’ expectations and needs
  3. Delivering high-quality, reliable services
  4. Personalized customer experiences and recommendations, like our custom concierge services
  5. Outstanding customer service at every touchpoint
  6. Proactive communication to keep our team and our clients informed of any changes or issues
  7. Continuous improvement in our education and service levels, and in ways to improve our offerings
  8. Our client-centric company culture that prioritizes client satisfaction

This isn’t to say we haven’t lost clients over the years. Various factors can contribute to client turnover, even for Home Watch companies. Client circumstances can change, leading to discontinuation of their Home Watch services. For example, they may sell their property and move to a different location, or their changing travel needs may no longer require support. But outside of these reasons, we continue to foster lasting relationships.

The Benefits of Working with Golden Rule Home Watch

Establishing a relationship with your Home Watch company builds trust and provides peace of mind. Knowing you have a reliable and trustworthy partner overseeing your property while you’re gone can alleviate concerns while ensuring the security of your home.

At Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge, our 100% client retention rate is a reflection that we’re doing something right. When you work with us, you too can enjoy our:

  • Professionalism, expertise and experience
  • Trustworthiness and reliability
  • Personalized care and attention to your specific needs
  • Comprehensive services
  • Effective and open communication
  • Attention to detail with meticulous protocols and checklists

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