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Home Watch For Northern Virginia

September 10, 2019

Want to learn more About Golden Rule Home Watch for Northern Virginia? Read read this great article from Reston Diggs business spotlights:

Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge is the innovator of the Hi-Tech Hi-Touch Home Watch System℠ which combines the use of environmental sensor technology AND trained people to provide comprehensive home watch services.  You DO NOT need to have someone live in your home when you are away.  If you need Home Watch in Northern Virginia then the Golden Rule Team is the answer.

Exceptional Care for Your Home

Hi Tech – Our team utilizes portable, hand-held environmental sensor technology to validate the conditions of your home.  These include:

  • Temperature  – Should be high enough in winter to prevent frozen pipes and low enough in summer to avoid damage to household items.
  • Humidity  – A well functioning HVAC system may help to achieve an optimal level that avoids the growth of mold in summer.
  • Moisture/Water  – There should not be water outside the plumbing.

Hi Touch – A Golden Rule Home Watch team member visits your home weekly or bi-weekly to check everything on the exterior and interior to make sure that all is in order.   Using a custom checklist developed for your home, our team members visually check for any irregularities, issues, or problems.  Nothing replaces the hi-touch element of home watch…the eyes and ears of trained people.

Some of the areas inspected by the Golden Rule Team:


  • Roof – signs of storm damage, missing shingles
  • Gutters – presence of leaves, snow/ice buildup
  • Sidewalk – any cracks, obstacles, snow/ice accumulation
  • Lawn – overall condition, erosion, confirmation of lawn service, irrigation system operating normally
  • Siding – Intact, no damage
  • Deck – Items in place, damaged or rotten components
  • Pool area – Cover in place, equipment operating


  • HVAC System Operation – the home should be warm or cool as appropriate
  • Breaker Panel – check for any tripped circuits
  • Bathrooms – validate that toilets and sinks not leaking and are flushed or run regularly
  • Kitchen – monitor for proper refrigerator/freezer operation, installation of freezer meter for awareness of any thawing
  • Water – look for any leaks or signs of mold.  Check status of water main
  • Pests – check for any signs of insects, spiders and mice
  • Break-in or vandalism – visually inspect for any signs of unauthorized access
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors tested/checked for expiration dates

After each site visit, we send the owner a time, date and geo-location stamped e-report of the condition of their home with photos and comments.  If there is an issue then we contact the owner immediately.

Home Watch for Northern Virginia: The Golden Rule Difference

Technology PLUS the eyes and ears of trained people who visit the home regularly. Our goal is provide a very comprehensive and proactive approach to watching homes for their owners who are away.

For Home Watch for Northern Virginia contact us at: or call 855-928-2424.