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Local Entrepreneurs Keep Homes Safe in Reston, Va.

December 10, 2018


Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge featured in Around Reston Magazine!

"Whether it be for work out of the area, seasonal home travel, or a well-earned vacation, Northern Virginians are constantly on the move. Frequently, homes are left vacant without anyone available to notice damaging problems. These may include: water leaks, pest infestation, vandalism, break-in, storm damage or problems with HVAC systems. Sometimes, a helpful neighbor, friend or relative may be willing to check on the home. However, that person may not see potential issues quickly, is not able to visit the home regularly, or may not be prepared to deal with a problem when it is discovered.

After hearing many stories from friends and relatives who came home to disasters caused by frozen and burst water pipes, storm damage, or a broken furnace, Reston resident, Dan Lender and three other local entrepreneurs (Amy Lender, Dave and Maria Buczek) set out to find a solution.  After multiple brainstorming sessions, cups of coffee and spreadsheets, they created Golden Rule Home Watch and Concierge in the fall of 2017.

How is Golden Rule different?

We developed a completely new and different service. The Hi-Tech Hi-Touch Home Watch System for watching unoccupied homes combines state-of-the-art environmental sensor technology (Hi-Tech) with in-person home checks (Hi-Touch) by trained people,” states co-founder, Dan Lender. “When there is an alert from one of the sensors, a Golden Rule team member will visit the home to investigate.” This combination of ‘Tech & Touch’ monitoring is the differentiator from a traditional home alarm company that remotely monitors for break-ins but does not provide in home visits.

Dan and co-founders have over 40 years of varied experience in hi-tech, management consulting, real estate, healthcare and cybersecurity. They understand the value of technology to solve problems and also that nothing replaces the insight, intuition and attention to detail that a person can provide. The Golden Rule team believes in—“treating others like you would like to be treated”, hence their name. These four locals are committed to the community and make it a priority to volunteer time and energy to organizations that work to increase awareness and eradicate human trafficking as well as food insecurity here in Fairfax County.

Dan Lender moved to Reston from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1998 to take a position in IT. Soon after, he met and married Amy. Their children, Riley and Aidan were born here and are very happy to be growing up as kids of Reston."

Photo left to right: Dave Buczek, Maria Buczek, Amy Lender, Dan Lender

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