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Hello and thank you for your trust in Golden Rule!

I am a registered pharmacist and though I no longer practice, I am licensed in Pennsylvania and Virginia and I have a solid background in healthcare, personal safety and situational awareness.   Much of this may seem to be very (Captain) obvious, please accept as an FYI and feel free to share with your family/friends that may not be aware.

What precautions does Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge take to protect your home:

  1. Fresh, unused shoe protectors are worn each time so no outside debris is tracked into homes
  2. Hand sanitizer is used before entering a home
  3. We wear fresh, unused masks and nitrile gloves
  4. We wear N95 Particulate respirator masks when we enter your home

The above things are done to protect your home and to NOT bring anything harmful into your home.

Coronavirus Resources for Northern Virginia

Coronavirus at a glance and how to protect yourself.


Covid-19  What you Need to Know.


What is social distancing?


The 5-Step guide to washing your hands to get rid of germs.


How to effectively clean your phone.


How to prepare and stock up for a coronavirus quarantine.  Do Not Hoard!


Common Sense in the DMV.


Is It Safe to Order food (fast food) for delivery?


The above resources and this post are not intended as medical advice, please talk to your trusted healthcare provider if you have questions.

Stay safe!  We will all get through this if we stay calm and help each other (with grocery trips, self quarantining when appropriate etc.)  This is truly a test for America.

The Greek philosopher Epictetus has been quoted: “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters”.






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