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Are Your Home Security Cameras Really Protecting Your Home–Part I

February 6, 2023


According to a U.S News & World Report 2022 survey, in 2021 there were “nearly 620,000 burglaries in the United States alone,” resulting in more than $737 billion in stolen property. And although burglary rates are down 31% since 2020, many American homeowners are turning to home security systems. This industry is projected to grow by 34% by 2026 in North America. But are home security cameras really protecting your home?

Their number one reason for installing home security cameras? Self protection, with being a criminal deterrent coming in second place. Homeowners are interested in monitoring their property and hoping that would-be burglars will skip the home with security cameras. 90% of homeowners believe they will. Although criminals may be able to disable, cover up or hack into security cameras, footage can provide valuable evidence in the case of a break-in or theft.

How do homeowners use their security cameras? User habits show:

  • 52% check their security footage remotely multiple times a day when away from home for more than a day
  • 48% review their home security camera footage daily; 38% review it weekly
  • 38% monitor delivery workers
  • 32% monitor their neighborhood
  • 29% monitor their kids and pets
  • 15% monitor domestic workers

Prevent Home Security Cameras From Being Hacked

Cyber criminals can hack into your security cameras. To help secure your cameras, make sure they are updated with the latest security patches and firmware. Be sure to change the passwords often, and use a strong, unique password. Do not use the same password for all of your networks. You’ll also want to make sure your wireless network is secure with WPA2 encryption, and don’t connect them directly to the Internet. If guests will be using your Internet, set up a separate and secure guest network so they can’t access your home security cameras.

Are Home Security Cameras Doing Enough While You’re Away?

Even though more than half of homeowners with home security cameras check them regularly when they’re away from home, the cameras offer no more than a narrow visual field. They cannot tell you if something has gone wrong with your electrical or plumbing systems, or whether your home looks unlived-in.

That’s where Home Watch comes in. By hiring a Home Watch professional, you are expanding your home’s protection with eyes, ears and feet on the ground. A real person walks your property inside and out with a checklist, looking for anomalies. They’ll notice whether papers, mail or packages are piling up and bring them inside or have them delivered to your offsite location. They’ll monitor your systems to ensure there are no hazards, leaks or threats. And they’ll check your doors, windows and lighting to make sure your home is secure.

When you speak to a Home Watch professional, they’ll explain the list of items they will monitor, and set a schedule of visits to your home. They can even line up and monitor services you might need, like lawn mowing, post-storm clean-up, filter changes, repairs and more.

You don’t need to go it alone, or rely on your home security cameras or neighbors to protect your home. Home Watch is here for that.

Trust Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge in Northern Virginia for Your Home’s Security While You’re Away

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