Dan Lender


Dan Lender

Our movie quote guru!

Dan began his career as a Registered Pharmacist in Western Pennsylvania. Moving to Northern Virginia in 1998, he changed fields completely and started what was to become a very successful career in enterprise software. Over the next 20 years (Y2K, the Internet boom, the rise of the Cloud, Customer Relationship Management, Big Data and the exponential growth of computer viruses and malware) he held various positions with Computer Associates, BEA Systems, Oracle and within the cyber security space working with many of the largest enterprise customers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

With an abundance of experience in sales, information technology, cyber security and the importance of building strong client relationships, it was time to put all of that knowledge to work to help others. In 2017, Dan and a small group of fellow entrepreneurs envisioned Home Watch services that would benefit the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC metro area. Developing the Hi-Tech Hi-TouchTM model for home watch and the CarWatchSM approach for  automobiles, Dan and the other founders created Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge to provide the most comprehensive services possible.  He also enjoys time with the family outdoor and taking his restored, ’69 Corvette (427/390 hp, all original “survivor”) out as frequently as possible.