Would You Like to Have More Time In Your Day?

The Golden Rule team is your Northern Virginia personal and business concierge!  We can take care of your to-do list so you have time for the things you enjoy!

Whether you are home and just need a helping hand, or you are traveling and need a trusted concierge to handle things when you are away, Golden Rule’s Team Members can be trusted to get things done in a professional manner.  Some services we provide or manage for you include:

  • Preparing your home for vacancy when you leave:
    • Coordinate house cleaning
    • Clean out refrigerator and freezer
  • Preparing your home for occupancy before you return:
    • Schedule house cleaning
    • Grocery shopping and re-stocking the pantry
    • Flower purchase and arrangement
  • Coordinating repair and service technicians and overseeing their work
  • Dry cleaning / laundry delivery and pick up
  • Mail and package receipt, delivery services
  • Scheduling house cleaning
  • Arranging for pet care services

Business Services

Perhaps your marketing department is overwhelmed or not familiar with what the Washington, DC metropolitan area has to offer.  We can help!

  • Meeting planning and management
  • After work events such as taking a group to the golf range or for skeet shooting
  • Limousine and travel arrangement services

Don’t see a service listed that you need?    Just ask us, your Northern Virginia personal and business concierge!  Our team is always adding new services to meet the needs of our clients. Spend your time doing the things that you want to do, not the things that you have to do!

Assistance for Corporate Housing Clients and Providers

The Golden Rule Team will:

  • Closely inspect any apartment or property to make sure it is as marketed and meets or exceeds all expectations.
  • Wait for and oversee cable/internet installation (are there enough outlets?, are power strips needed for TV, cable equipment, DVD player etc.?). We also ensure that the cable and WIFI actually work!
  • Procure and configure a lock box.  We can provide a how-to video if needed too!
  • Take photos of the building and parking lot to make sure that your guest knows exactly where he/she is going upon arrival.
  • Make (or re-make) beds crisply! We also make make sure that the pillows are fresh. Very importantly, we inspect for bedbugs, just in case.
  • Check that towels are folded nicely and are in sufficient quantity for the guests.
  • Check that the furniture is clean.
  • Make sure that the carpets and lampshades are clean and undamaged.
  • Test all lights/ceiling fans and check for cleanliness.
  • Validate that flatware, dishes, pots & pans are present and in sufficient quantity.
  • Ensure presence of washer/dryer and other appliances as appropriate. Check that all work!
  • Make sure that HVAC system is working and space is cool/warm per the season.
  • Inspect that toilets, sinks and tubs are working and clean. We check the shower curtains too.
  • Look for any dust, debris or signs of pests (insects/spiders/mice).
  • Pick up and/or return cable/internet equipment to the provider.
  • Install of Cable/WIFI equipment and verify operation (in units appropriate for self install)

Additional services for your guests:

  • Arrange flowers for the guest, spouse or significant other.
  • Shop for and procure wine, spirits, craft brews (and make sure there is a corkscrew and bottle opener).
  • Shop for and stock pantry with desired food items (organic?).
  • Design a custom gift basket for the guest
  • Schedule limo/car service to pick up and return guest.

In addition to the above, our team will follow your instructions explicitly to ensure that your guest feels welcome and special!

Golden Rule Home Watch & Concierge is your Northern Virginia personal and business concierge!  Insured, bonded and background checked.

Would you like to give others the gift of time?    Ask about a Golden Rule Concierge gift certificate!


Pricing for all Golden Rule Concierge Services is based on an hourly rate and other fees that may be associated with the services provided.